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Go Ahead And Cry Yourself To Sleep

Sorry I never post on here anymore. 
I don't plan on it either. 
If I get really bored, I will. 
Otherwise... I won't.

I'm Posting On Here? :O

 1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.
4. Dont cheat by skipping. I didn't.

What does next year have in store for me?
Nobody Home- Pink Floyd

What's my love life like?
Lyin' Through Your Teeth- Head Automatica

What do I say when life gets hard?
The (After)Life Of The Party- Fall Out Boy

What do you think of on waking up?
Cryin'- Aerosmith

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
Martha My Dear- The Beatles

What do you want as a career?
Goodbye Blue Sky- Pink Floyd

Your favourite saying?
How Did I Fall In Love With You- Backstreet Boys

Favourite place?
Let The Flames Begin- Paramore

What do you think of your parents?
Us And Them- Pink Floyd

What’s your porn star name?
Wake The Dead- The Used

Where would you go on a first date?
Pregnant Lady- Dane Cook [oh my god lol!] 

Drug of choice?
Waiting In Vain- Bob Marley

Describe yourself?
Gimme Some Truth- Jakob Dylan

What is the thing I like doing most?
Listening- The Us

The song that best describes my school principal?
The Love Letter- Blaqk Audio

What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Love Remains The Same- Gavin Rossdale

How will I die?
Velvet Goldmine- David Bowie

Yes I posted. 
Bye Now :D



This is what happens when you give me a camera and a thunderstorm. WOOT WOOT BLAIRE WITCH PROJECT THING!
Ok, so it all started when I went to Micky D's [EW] with my dad. He kept saying OH ITS GONNA RAIN AND STORM and i was like
um yeah, I know that already.
So we get home and they leave for whatever they were going to do while me and Charlie [da braja] are left to our own devices.

Blogging... Because I Can

First off I'd like to say goodbye to UA.
No more long drives to school and falling asleep on the way home.
No more clitorises and glanses. ("these are my fimbria, this is the ovary, the fallopian tube, the uterus, the vagina and my clitoris." "Would you like to touch my clitoris?" "Can I  touch your glans? I hear it is sensitive.") [OH and who could forget the -lol- confusion on the final with the glans and the foreskin being so close together? XD]
No more brainless and stolen babies. (Anecephaly- the reason why people don't have children!)
No more inside jokes at the lunch table such as:
- Thick white goo! IN RIBBONS!
- Ahhhh! HELP ME! *flailing*
- 4.5 (also with "BRENDON'S URIE'S DAD MUST HAVE BEEN LIKE... 1.1!" and "It's like 2.1 normal sized!")
- making carrots into the four point five and actually measuring it.
- naming food and refusing to eat it ("this is Brendon and this is Ryan! *hits together* they're in love! *goes to eat; sniffles* I CAN'T DO IT BECAUSE THEY HAVE NAMES!" ~me. I ate them anyway btw. Delish.) 
- FIRE HOSE! (thanks to some death note yaoi XD. I could see their cocks. not good) 
- The Southern Downpour interpretive dance. We were in a 'make fun of Keltie' mood so we made fun of her. (If all Brendon's life is but a wet dream -makes cumming motion-, fantastic posing frugality, then we must purge our fabrics to the land)
No more RP chatter in the morning along with the daily dose of "DID RYHO GET HIS HOT HOT SMEXX?!" which usually resulted in a slow, "mmm... kinda..." and then an explination of how rimming is probably the equivalent of sex if you jam your tongue in hard enough.
No more random drawings in bio, including an adorable ryho in a skirt (previously seen shooting an unhappy Brendon in the head) or a centaur that looks like a Rywalk mutant child.
No more emailing pictures of serfs enjoying sodomy (with the proper bden/ryho face attacted) in WH or pictures for AFTER SCHOOL EYES ONLY (aka, whale ryho)
And of course, no more crying in said theology class because "Ryro is just so gorgeous! I'm so happy he got with Bden in the end!"

-sigh- good times.
I'm going to miss everyone <333
Love Lauraaa

because I can.


For the love of God, I really need to cut back on making crappy photomanips in WH.
Kenney's gonna catch me the day I actually get a picture with something sexually oriented O_____________o

THERE. I did that yesterday thanks to him saying "Don Quixote rode in on an ASS. AN ASS!"
I looked over at Margaret, hysterical, and made this for her.

Yeah other than that, nothing else has been happening. Ya'll know about Ryho...

Ok so my freshman year is almost over D:
Pretty much, when I was first getting ready to tranfer, I was totally gungho. Now... not so much.
Small to large... NO GOOD.
I'm not going to fit in. KTHANXBAI.



HCT May 9th

 Hai everyone! 
Ok, so if you don't know already, I went to the HCT last night 
If you went, I was the one in the alpaca sweater that was my secret weapon to keep people away from me! 
And I had my hand sticking up the entire time taking pictures and videos. 
Pictures later everyone, I have something important to address. 

So if you remember my Give Spin a Microphone Campaign, you will remember that I wanted Spencer to get a microphone. 
Well... last night, I was standing around when all of a sudden I hear a very sexy voice say
'hi everybody, I'm Spencer Smith, and I just got a microphone :D!'
I wet my fangirl panties. 
Of course he'd get the mic the day I'M there. XD 

OK, so pics?

Just A Bit of Shittte

Ok, it's been proven. 

Felt Like Posting These

What happens in the mall... Should probably stay in the mall...


Icons for TGG

A few little goodies I made for my fic That Green Gentleman.

If using, please credit me panicxhead and yeah that's about it.
These are at my DeviantArt too.




ryho flab arms
Laura Beth

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Real Love- John Lennon

All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dream
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Just like little girls and boys
Playing with their little toys
Seems like all they really were doing
Was waiting for you

Don't need to be alone
No need to be alone

It's real love
It's real, yes it's real love
It's real

From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for love

Don't need to be afraid
No need to be afraid

It's real love
It's real, yes it's real love
It's real

Thought I'd been in love before,
But in my heart I wanted more
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Don't need to be alone
No need to be alone

It's real love
Yes it's real, yes it's real love
It's real, yes it's real love...
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